Monday, November 9, 2009


Started by Andrew Rasiej and Micah Sifry (the co-founders of the Personal Democracy Forum), is a great resource for up-to-date information about politics and technology.

Covering a range of topics from diplomacy projects undertaken by the State Department to technology used on advocacy and political campaigns to recent studies on social media, techPresident offers a very useful glimpse into what tools and technology are being deployed both inside and outside the political arena.

Taking a look at the stories most read, commented and emailed techPresident reads as an eclectic outpost for a number of topics and themes.

High on all three is a story about the White House's decision to redo their web site in Drupal.

While Slate ran a piece that was pretty critical of this decision, techPresident's piece was more measured:
The ideal new platform would be one where dynamic features like question-and-answer forums, live video streaming, and collaborative tools could work more fluidly together with the site's infrastructure. The solution, says the White House, turned out to be Drupal. That's something of a victory for the Drupal (not to mention open-source) community.
On the whole, the site is very useful for keeping up with new trends in technology and politics.

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