Sunday, October 4, 2009

READINGS: IPDI, Rosenblatt

Reading @JulieG's report "Person-to-Person-to-Person: Harnessing the Political Power of Online Social Networks and User Generated Content," (link to pdf) some of the concepts I found interesting were:

-The importance of leveraging offline networks to reinforce online networks (Repubs and Churches, Obama & Farmers Markets)
-The need to let go of control of message so online communities and tell stories in their own voice
-The ostensible paradox individual restraints and of network growth (Shirky quote)


In @drdigipol's blog post and embedded essay on how the Aryan Resistance could use the net to push their message, I couldn't help but think of Shirky's explanation of how lowered transaction costs have given created new groups of people who were not groups before.

Diasporic groups of people, who previously could not find each other, now have the tools to amplify their message, rally an online community, and create a sense of normalcy inside their collective social space (e.g. the Pro Ana girls who leveraged YM's web site to share tips about being anorexic).


Both readings speak to the new opportunities digital communication tools represent and the shift from broadcast to conversation media.

The dark matter I see emerging in the social media landscape is the cultural piece. The tools are demanding new things from organizations, political candidates, and possibly even hate groups.

I recently saw a tweet that said any enterprise change is 20% technological and 80% cultural.

I think it's possible that while larger organizations have more resources, they are not as nimble as smaller networks of people.

The Goliaths of the day are now on the same playing field of many Davids, who are now wired.

(I think the above image of the liliputians restraining Gulliver seems pretty illustrative of media landscape being ushered in by the internet and social media...)

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